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Industry Overview

The entire economy of the country relies on the strength and efficiency of the corporate business world. Accounting, marketing, management, and human resources are just some of the working components that direct the development of all types of businesses. Some industries continue to thrive nation-wide. This means that thousands of jobs become available each day to job seekers in the business market.

Some fields are providing great opportunities for qualified job seekers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment for certified accountants is expected to grow by 22% in the next decade. Jobs in marketing, advertising, and public relations is anticipated to grow by 13%. Human resources and labor relations management jobs have also been expected to grow by 22% as well.

With so many opportunities for advancement in the business world, opportunity exists to develop the skills and knowledge of job seekers so that they may take advantage of these openings. Applicants must have a strong understanding of business ethics, business management, mathematics, and computer software skills in order to succeed. Those with the best training and personal dedication are the most likely to advance into higher positions with higher salary.